Universal adapter for brake bleeding, air connection 90°

Item no.: 01491L
EAN: 4033592141673

Information about the product


The infinitely adjustable clamping brackets allow installation on most vehicles.
The rotatable angular connection allows the use even when there is less space at the surge tank.

  • Suitable for brake fluid reservoir with an opening of Ø 28 mm to Ø 70 mm
  • Through the infinitely variable adjustability and optimal sealing, it can be used universally
  • Connection angled 90 °.
  • Suitable in combination with 01453L and 01498L

Technical data

Width 80 mm
Minimum diameter 28 mm
Weight 0.49 kg
Height 90 mm
Length 120 mm
Max. working pressure 3.50 bar
Max. diameter 70 mm

In combination

Item no. variant Name
01422L - Brake bleeding device, 2-piece
01453L - Brake bleeding device 3L, 4-piece
01498L - Brake bleeding device, 5 l