Brake bleeder cap set, 6-piece

Item no.: 01494L
EAN: 4033592141697

Information about the product


The adapters are made of lightweight aluminum, are quick and easy to use and a valuable addition in everyday use. Universal adapter set for filling / bleeding brake systems via the expansion tank in connection with e.g. brake maintenance devices 01498L and 01453L. The 90 ° bend makes handling easier when there is little space.

Contains the following adapters:

  • Adapter 1: Toyota and Lexus
  • Adapter 2: Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda and Mitsubishi
  • Adapter 3: Honda
  • Adapter 4: Standard EU
  • Adapter 5: Mazda and Suzuki
  • Adapter 6: Nissan

Technical data

Anzahl Werkzeuge 6.0
Länge [mm] 350.0
Breite [mm] 240.0
Höhe [mm] 86.0

In combination

Item no. variant Name
01422L - Brake bleeding device, 2-piece
01453L - Brake bleeding device 3L, 4-piece
01498L - Brake bleeding device, 5 l