Brake bleeding device, 2-piece

Item no.: 01422L
EAN: 4033592056250

Information about the product


for the safe evacuation of the brake fluid and simultaneous refilling without a second employee being necessary.

The device is operated by compressed air and generates a vacuum which enables it to be attached directly to the brake callipers/wheel-brake cylinder. The brake fluid is suctioned off and drained directly into the collecting tank. The collecting tank ensures automatic refilling at the surge tank without overspill, thus saving on the second employee.

  • Capacity of collecting tank 2 l
  • Capacity of filling set 1 l 
  • 1 m flexible hose with universal adapter for bleeding nipples 
  • Additional hose with fine point for e.g. suction of the brake fluid 
  • Very clean use due to draining valve on  bottom of the tank 
  • Floating valve for spilling protection in collecting tank 
  • Incl. 6,3 mm (1/4") pneumatic plug nipple

Technical data

Number of tools 2
Length [mm] 270
Width [mm] 180
Height [mm] 190
Quality Premium
Operating pressure from [bar] 5
Working pressure to [bar] 11,5
Weight [kg] 1,75
Thread Size, compressed air connection 1/4"
Luftverbrauch [l/m] 125

Scope of delivery

Item no. variant Name Quantity
01423L - Refill set 1

Spare and wear parts

Item no. variant Name
08493L - Hose, flexible, 1 m
01427L - Rubber vent hole