About SAUER tools

In 2015 the hand and specialised tool professionals SW-Stahl GmbH took over the SAUER trade mark rights. Since then an experienced team of technicians, motor vehicle experts and a proficient sales and marketing team has developed a concept to re-establish SAUER successfully on the tool market. To achieve this a number of creative ideas were implemented, improved tool versions developed and new, problem solving products were formulated. The result is an extensive range of intelligent special tools, which offers the optimal solution for every possible application. The basic concept from the „old“ SAUER is assumed and continued with the focus on quality and functionality. The SAUER products are modularly designed, function across all brands and are consistently adapted to the latest technical developments in the automotive market. This reduces the investments for the workshop.

The SAUER team is the ideal partner for solving concrete repair issues. The experienced technical employees know the everyday problems in the workshop and work continuously on the development and optimisation of intelligent special tools.